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Is your plexiglass missing?

Almost certainly not. Every Concealed Cabinet comes with a piece of high quality plexiglass, and it's nearly impossible for a unit to be shipped without it, as the artwork compartment would then have a gap and the contents would bounce around, something we would notice when inspecting for shipping.

For your reference, your cabinet should arrive with 4 items in the frame's artwork compartment (in order from front to back):

1.  A white paper with a picture of Ben Franklin/Mona Lisa on it.
2.  Directly behind this is a stiff, light brown board.
3.  Behind this is a piece of traditional corrugated cardboard.
4.  And behind that is the black backing board.

The stiff, light brown board directly behind the white paper IS the plexiglass. The brown part is a plastic film that you simply have to peel off to expose a pristine, fingerprints-free piece of glass. The instructions for this are printed on the white paper. If you still can’t find it, send a message to with a picture of your picture frame door.

Are you missing some hardware?

Let us know what you’re missing and your order number via email at and we’ll be happy to replace it.

Did the item arrive damaged?

We are very sorry to hear that. We inspect everything prior to shipping but sometimes FedEx is rougher than anticipated. Send us an email with your order number and a picture or two of the problem at We’ll handle it asap!

Do your shelf pins seem unstable? Is something wrong?

Most likely no. You just need to push the pins in all the way so that the thickest part of the pin is completely hidden inside the wall of the cabinet. When the pins are in all the way, only the flat “spoon” should be showing. If you have trouble getting them to recess completely with your fingers, tap gently with a hammer.

For added stability, you could always put a small drop of clear caulking on the flat “spoon” before depressing the shelf into it. This will create a bond between them and ensure you’ll never have to worry about a shelf tilting or sliding.

Did you receive the wrong item?

Unfortunately, we make mistakes, too. If you believe you received an item different from what you ordered, send us an email with your order number and a picture at We’ll correct it asap!

How to install the Concealed Cabinet or Wall Niche?

Installation of The Concealed Cabinet is the same as any other recessed medicine cabinet. In most instances, this is as simple as cutting a rough opening in your wall, then inserting the cabinet and mounting it to the existing studs using the included mounting screws. In some instances, depending on the desired positioning on your wall or the distance between your studs, a stud may have to be cut or routed to accommodate the installation. For more detailed installation instructions, click here.

How much clearance do you need on each side of the rough opening for the Concealed Cabinet or Wall Niche?

For a Concealed Cabinet or Mirrored Medicine Cabinet, the short answer is you'll want at least 2" of clearance on the hinge side of the installed hidden medicine cabinet and at least 1.5" on the non-hinge side. (The hinge side is usually the side furthest from your face and closest to the perpendicular wall or mirror.) The height is rarely an issue for anyone, but as long as you have 1" clearance on the top and bottom of the rough opening, it will fit and function. 

Remember, if you have a hole in your wall that's the size of the cabinet, you will need additional clear wall space in order to fit the picture frame door on your wall. For example, our Large size cabinet measures 14" W x 18" H for the built-in portion of the recessed medicine cabinet, but the picture frame door measures almost 17" W by almost 20" H. So that's about 3" wider and 2" taller than the hidden cabinet. On top of that, you'll need another at least .5" on the hinge side to allow the door some room to swing out when it opens. (This is all accounted for in the 2" of clearance stated above.)

For our Wall Niches, an Aiden requires at least 2-1/4” beyond edge of the rough opening to accommodate the larger bottom ledge (or be prepared to trim the ledge). For a Sloane Wall Niche, you only need at least an extra ½” on each side for the overlay that lies flat against the wall.

Are the pictures in the picture frame medicine cabinets included?

No, the photos or prints you see are not included in your purchase. One of the great features of our mirrorless medicine cabinets is that you personalize them with your own photographs or artwork. We highly recommend checking out our Testimonials page for hundreds of images from actual customers showing just how creative you can get with our picture frame medicine cabinets.

Need to return your item?

No problem. We understand it doesn’t always work out exactly how you envisioned. We like to remind our customers that you can always install the picture frame medicine cabinet or wall niche in another room – an entryway to hold keys or clickers, a living room to hold remotes, another bathroom, etc. If you still need to return and it’s within 30 days of delivery, please send us an email at with details and your order number and we’ll get it taken care of asap. To read more about our return policy, click here.

Are the doors on the picture frame medicine cabinets reversible?

Yes. Simply mount our unique recessed picture frame medicine cabinets with the hinges facing whichever side you prefer.  For our wall-mount Picture Perfect Medicine Cabinets, you will need to move two mounting brackets if you want the hinges on the right, but this is quite simple and explained in the included instructions.

How do you know which size to buy?

The only way to be sure is to remove any current cabinet and measure the wall's existing rough opening. It’s usually fairly easy to remove an old medicine cabinet, often only requiring the removal of 4 screws. Once you’ve measured your rough opening, you’ll know for sure how much room you have to play with.

The five sizes of Concealed Cabinet we sell are 11"w x 14"h, 14"w x 11"h, 13"w x 16"h, 14"w x 18"h, and 14"w x 24"h. Each size comes with a flange/overlay that will cover up to one additional inch of height and one additional inch of width. For example, our most popular size is 14"x18" and will cover up to 15"x19". As long as your opening is at least 14” wide and at least 18” high (but not wider than 15” or taller than 19”), you can fit our Large Concealed Cabinet perfectly with no modification. For Wall Niches, we sell 14”w x 18”h, 14”w x 24” h, and 14”w x 36”h.

If the measurements of your opening do not align perfectly with any of our sizes, you may have to modify your opening by either cutting drywall to expand it or patching drywall to reduce it. Many customers have done this and they are always happy they did! 

Is the wall deep enough for recessing a cabinet or niche?

Our standard Concealed Cabinets, Mirrored Medicine Cabinets, and Wall Niches are all designed to recess into walls built with 2x4 studs. In traditional walls, you have 3-1/2" of depth from the width of the 2x4 stud PLUS the 1/2"-3/4" thickness of the drywall on the front of the stud for a total of 4"-4-1/4" of depth. This gives you enough space to fully recess one of our products perfectly.

Some homes have shallower walls and can only fit a 3" depth product. Currently, we offer 3" depth models at no extra cost on all our Concealed Cabinet and Mirrored Medicine Cabinet models. This shallow depth option can be selected using a dropdown menu during the Add to Cart process on any of our picture frame medicine cabinets or traditional framed medicine cabinets with mirrors. 

Although rarer, some homes have walls built from 2x6s and can accommodate a 6" depth recessed cabinet. We also offer this size as an option for all our Concealed Cabinets and Mirrored Medicine Cabinets. This extra depth option can also be selected using a dropdown menu during the Add to Cart process on any of our picture frame medicine cabinets or traditional framed medicine cabinets with mirrors. 

At present, we do not offer special depths on any of our niches, however, this may be something we add in the future. Please inquire for updates.

Want to ship outside the United States?

We routinely ship to Canada, and our site is set up to calculate shipping costs to Canada automatically. Taxes, import duties, and fees are also included in the price shown on our site, so there will be no hidden charges beyond what you pay at checkout.

We have also shipped to other countries, including England, Norway, and Australia; however, our website is not designed to accept international orders with the exception of Canada. If you live outside the United States and Canada, feel free to contact us for a personalized quote. Please note, however, that we do not promise to ship anywhere except Canada. We treat all international shipping requests on an individual basis, as we have to take into account the product being purchased and the likelihood it will survive the rigors of long distance shipping. For all international shipping inquiries, please contact us with your Postal Code to get started.

What is the difference between the Espresso and Coffee Bean colors?

The term "espresso" is not a standard color in the furniture/bath products/picture frame industry.  Some companies will sell you an espresso colored vanity or towel bar or mirror and it will be a closer match to our Coffee Bean color.  Please order your picture frame medicine cabinet based on our product photos and our color descriptions, not the name of the color.  

For your reference, our Espresso color is described as "a dark brown with a hint of red."  Our Coffee Bean color is described as "the darkest brown we could find." Other distinctions between the two are the frame style (the Espresso has a flat front, the Coffee Bean a raised edge), and with the Espresso you're more likely to see wood grain, whereas with the Coffee Bean, the color is so dark it is much harder to see grain.  

If you're still unsure which color is best for your project, we highly recommend checking out our Testimonials page for additional images of both colors.  You may also contact us with photos of your vanity (or whatever it is you're trying to match) and we'd be happy to make a color recommendation.

Need a custom size cabinet or wall niche to fit your space?

For orders of 5 or more units, we can custom make any size you want from our standard line of picture frames or wall cubbies.  Orders of one or two cabinets will be assessed on an individual basis. Please inquire through our Contact Us page with all the details.

If you're looking for a shallow depth medicine cabinet or a deeper medicine cabinet, we already offer a shallow 3" depth and deeper 6” depth on many of our sizes of medicine cabinets.  You may choose these alternate cabinet depths when adding your picture frame medicine cabinet purchase to the Shopping Cart.

Please keep in mind, if you love our in-wall medicine cabinets, but they will not fit in your existing rough opening, you can always modify your hole to fit one of our five standard sizes (11x14, 14x11, 13x16, 14x18, 14x24).  In the scope of a bathroom renovation, this is really not that difficult or expensive, and the results will be well worth it.

How many shelves are included with the no mirror medicine cabinets?

Our Compact sizes come with one (1) shelf each, adjustable to five heights. Our Regular and Large sized recessed Concealed Cabinets come with two (2) high quality beveled glass shelves, adjustable to five (5) different heights in the regular sized cabinet and seven (7) in the large cabinet. Our Extra Large Concealed Cabinets come with three (3) high quality beveled glass shelves adjustable to eleven (11) heights. 

Our wall-mount Picture Perfect Medicine Cabinets come with three (3) solid wood shelves painted or stained to match the interior color of the cabinet you purchase.  Shelves in the Picture Perfect Medicine Cabinet can be adjusted to seven (7) different heights.  

Additional shelves can be purchased here.

How are the medicine cabinets with no mirrors made?

Each one of our mirrorless medicine cabinets is individually handcrafted in North America from US grown hardwoods and finished with a moisture resistant lacquer.  Although as with any furniture, we recommend prompt cleaning of any liquid spills or leaks.

Is there a discount for purchasing multiple picture frame medicine cabinets?

Yes, if you order 5 or more units, we can offer you a discount.  Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a discount on orders of less than 5.  If you're looking to save money, we do routinely have imperfect units for sale on our Clearance page.

Is there a Trade Discount offered on the mirrorless cabinets and niches?

Yes.  Contractors, Architects, Interior Designers, and other verified trade professionals may register for a Trade Account.  Please visit our Trade Sales page for more information.

How does shipping work?

Shipping is handled by FedEx Ground and almost all orders are mailed within 48 hours of receipt of payment, usually within 24 hours.

*Orders to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada will incur additional shipping charges. 

*International orders, other than Canada, please inquire for pricing.

*FedEx Ground will not deliver to PO Boxes. A physical address will be required. 

Can I pay with check, money order, or cashier's check?

Yes, simply send your check or money order payable to:

Fox Hollow Furnishings
6158 Lemona Ave
Van Nuys, CA 91411

Make sure you include a note or printout of the exact model you're purchasing, including the interior color.  Also, please include a phone number or email address to that we may contact you if we have any questions.

*Orders paid for by personal check will not be filled until payment has successfully cleared.

Can the glass in the mirrorless medicine cabinets be replaced with a mirror?

Yes!  We offer an optional mirror accessory.  Simply pick the size that fits the picture frame medicine cabinet you're purchasing.  Since our medicine cabinet doors operate just like traditional picture frames, all you have to do is open the artwork compartment and replace the glass front with the mirror.  If you'd like to retain use of the door as a picture frame so you can display art, you may also place the mirror facing the back of the door towards the inside of the cabinet.

We also offer recessed Mirrrored Medicine Cabinets in all the same sizes and colors as our Concealed Cabinets.

Please note, however, that all our recessed medicine cabinets are designed to be slightly off center of the frame to allow for the door swing (approximately 1/4").  If you're planning to install one directly above your sink, we recommend waiting to cut your rough opening until your Concealed Cabinet is in your possession.

Are any other colors offered for the picture frame medicine cabinets and niches?

We are always looking into adding additional colors and styles. If you have a specific request, we'd love to hear it. Suggestions can be made through the Contact Us page. If we do not sell a color you're looking for, we recommend purchasing one of our Unfinished Concealed Cabinets and staining or painting it yourself to custom match your decor.

Are any recessed medicine cabinets or wall niches pre-made with holes cut in them for outlets or lights?

Not at this time. However, because our products are handmade from real wood, you or your contractor can easily cut a hole in any side to add an outlet or light. You can see photos from actual customers who have done this to store electric toothbrushes and other electronic devices, by visiting our Customer Photos page and searching for the word "outlet."

Have additional questions?

Contact us and we'd be happy to help!