Installation Instructions

1. Use an electronic studfinder to locate two studs and to ensure the bay (space between studs) is clear of any obstructions (e.g. plumbing or electrical).

2. Once you have located a clear spot, poke a hole in the middle of the area where you want to install it. This allows you to look inside the wall and confirm the bay is clear. This way, if there is an error -- an obstruction that went undetected -- you can patch a small hole and move on. Most of the time, you will discover the bay is clear and you can proceed with installation.

3. Draw an outline on the wall that is slightly larger than the size of the BACK of the medicine cabinet or niche you're purchasing. For example, if you're buying our 14" W x 24" H size, draw a pencil outline that measures 14.25"W x 24.25"H and use a level to make sure the outline is level. It's okay if the hole is slightly larger, our medicine cabinets include an overlay that covers up to 1" in width and 1" in height of error, and our niches include an overlay that covers at least that much. (Please review the listing for the actual product dimensions of the model you're purchasing.)

4. Cut along the outline to create the hole. You can use a variety of tools for this, but the most common is called a drywall knife. When done, remove the piece of drywall you just cut and discard it.

5. Insert the medicine cabinet or niche into the hole. If installing a medicine cabinet, you may put the hinges on whichever side you prefer -- our medicine cabinets are completely reversible.

6. Mount your cabinet securely to the studs by screwing in the included 4 mounting screws through the pre-drilled holes in the cabinet walls.

7. If you're installing a niche, cover the screws with the included wood plugs. If you're having trouble getting them to fit, you may have to sand or whittle the bottom, unpainted portion of the plugs to make them fit. If you're installing a recessed medicine cabinet, you just have to add the shelves and insert your artwork and YOU'RE DONE! Now you get to step back and enjoy your beautiful new Fox Hollow Furnishings storage solution! 

NOTES: Although not necessary, you will find it is much easier to screw the mounting screws into the studs if you pre-drill pilot holes. To mark the holes for pre-drilling, simply insert your recessed medicine cabinet or wall niche into your hole, then insert a drill bit or pencil into the four pre-drilled mounting holes inside the cabinet and make a mark on the adjoining stud. Once you've made all four marks, remove the cabinet and use a drill to create the pilot holes, making sure the bit you use is smaller than the mounting screws.

In some instances, the location where you want to recess your new medicine cabinet or wall shelf will not land perfectly between two studs, and a stud will be in the way. In this instance, you will need to cut the obstructing stud and frame the opening with 2x4s to give the cabinet something to screw into.

Here is a link to an article on an installation that requires cutting a stud: