IMPERFECT 14x11 Landscape Shaker White Concealed Cabinet by Fox Hollow Furnishings (IMP0419)

Model #101W6-AAWx9999

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This Landscape Concealed Cabinet features our Shaker White finish door. Measures 11" H x 14" W x 3 3/4" D and holds up to 8" x 10" artwork from your personal collection. 

IMPERFECTIONS: The picture frame door looks pretty much new. The interior is fine except that it was accidentally installed using a nail gun through the flange/overlay. (SEE THE PHOTOS to see the small holes.) The cabinet is designed to be installed from the predrilled mounting holes inside the cabinet, so once this was misinstalled, we replaced it. It was never used.

Because the cabinet is made of real wood, you can always wood-fill, Bondo, sand, and paint the holes to make this unit look like brand new. Or just close the nearly perfect door and no one will ever see the interior. This is a great imperfect unit at a great discount! 

  • individually handcrafted from US grown hardwoods
  • lacquer finish makes it resistant to moisture
  • completely reversible; mounts with door opening in either direction
  • includes 1 high quality beveled glass shelf
  • adjustable to 5 different heights
  • plexiglass front helps to protect artwork
  • use optional mirror to replace plexiglass front or black backboard (and still display art)
  • use optional matting to add color and depth to your artwork
  • no artwork included


  • In-wall cabinet, 11" H x 14" W x 3 3/4" D
  • Rough opening, 11 1/4" H x 14 1/4" W x 4" D
  • Cabinet interior, 10" H x 13" W x 3 1/2" D
  • Exterior frame, 13 3/4" H x 15 3/4" W
  • Holds up to 8" x 10" artwork

*Note: The cabinet overlay (flange) will cover up to 1" in height and up to 1" in width.